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the freedom of a soul. Human beings have the tendency to play games and consequently hurt those who take them seriously.          Copyright I-Universe music entertainment.

                                             THE NEW HERO OF HUMANITY

I-universe, the author of the book Egypt’s Nile is Alive, is without doubt the new hero of humanity because he discovered “humanity’s true inborn art of love,” which holds the key to resolving our global warming crisis.


The book Egypt's Nile is Alive reveals the world's most sacred religious ritual known as “Humanity’s true inborn art of love,” which teaches modern man how to live in kinship with Mother Nature by becoming a true spiritual shepherd of the sky.

The book was created to symbolically bring back in modern times the new children of the Sun-God, whose mission in life is to support God's spiritual foundation. The movement is to give back to Mother Nature man's true inborn natural love of brotherhood that humanity desperately needs to sustain itself.


                                         Egypt’s Nile is Alive
The Green Movement Now Has A Major Voice In The Music Industry. 

This is a short summary of my enterprise.

What makes Egypt’s Nile is Alive so special? The book pays homage to the founders of Egypt for teaching “Humanity’s true inborn art of love” and emphasizes their historical achievement.  

The time has come to teach modern man how to become “one with the universe.”

​​​The name of our company is called “Egypt’s Nile is Alive.” Many writers are fortunate to write a bestselling book, but very few can convert their book into a marketable enterprise.  

What separates me from great authors is that I have come up with the perfect plan to help save our living planet by symbolically bringing back to the world the new children of the Sun-God. These are the new modern-day mystic men and women who live in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity to support Mother Nature’s equilibrium.  

It is a new trend in the music industry that was designed for today's youth to support the green movement. I believe that millions of music fans around the world would be eager to join today's true spiritual shepherds of the sky and become “one with the universe” in the crusade for mankind's survival. 

I have created the world's biggest green awareness movement in the music industry. This book was designed primarily to fight for the living in humanity that is unparalleled today.  

The company's main goal is to own the idea in the music industry and to keep control of the market.

What I have brought to light in modern times for the young generation is “Humanity's true inborn art of love,” which represents the world’s true environmental movement. This is a new commercial market in the music industry that has never been promoted as a business opportunity.  

Copyright Egypt’s Nile Is Alive 2010-2017, by Edgar A. Dixon and Ian Dixon. All rights reserved. NOTE: No one may use another writer’s articulated style or their actual writings, because it is against the law. If any text in this book is used without the author’s written permission legal action will be initiated.

Promotional Ideas for Recording Artists 

Ian Dixon, an international music promoter, states that the book Egypt's Nile is Alive was specially designed with a beautiful symbolic book cover that symbolizes “Humanity’s true inborn art of love,” where man lives as one positive force with Mother Nature’s morning sun. This book truly offers the world a musical philosophy called Father Light Rock that represents the children of the Sun-God. These are the new modern-day mystic men and women who live in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity to support Mother Nature’s equilibrium.  

The true stars of the universe are born with wings.

The book includes 86 songs of beautiful, ingenious, and comprehensive poetry for modern-day man, which are very rare special songs for today’s spiritual artists. These songs were created to teach today’s youth how to engage with the environment through positive music in a way that will revitalize our planet and help heal the Earth. The author has been a songwriter for many years and understands that it really takes a good song to make an artist a star. I believe that many of these songs have the potential to become a major hit in the United States and reach the top music charts around the world. The songs that range from various genres of musical styles were designed to build a new musical empire. ​

To be frank, most artists are spiritual, but most of the general public doesn’t want to listen to an entire CD about how people can help humanity in its global warming crisis. This is where the book’s songs come in. If an artist believes in what we are saying, one Father Light Rock song can let people know their spiritual side. The rest of the CD is entertainment. 

The artists, who support the book and its new musical philosophy, shall become popular with the green movement fans around the world. With one or two well-known artists, the trend will catch on but all we need is one Father Light Rock song to get the message heard. Imagine different popular artists each adopting a song. A universal message would be heard and once the public is interested, they will also be motivated to read the book. The book was designed to promote the songs: the songs were designed to promote the book. 

Different artists with similar spiritual ideas can adopt Father Light Rock songs and use their musical talent to make them their own without compromising the strong message each song carries. I know a Father Light Rock song is what artists are looking for to show their spiritual side. This new musical philosophy that teaches people how to become a true spiritual shepherd of the sky as “one with the universe” is destined to make musical history worldwide and become a whole new musical trend and spiritual revolution. ​

Make no mistake, we have caught the biggest fish in the music industry's international pond. This unique spiritual book with its new musical philosophy and songs can actually help save our living planet. I-Universe music entertainment is my father's songwriter’s trade name, which means “I am one with the Universe.”

Ian Dixon – Peace. Copyright 2017 I-universe music entertainment.

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About The Author

The Author Edgar A. Dixon known as I-universe with music entertainment, have written a book called “Egypt's Nile is Alive fused with a new musical philosophy to support green efforts and causes. He is a visionary who believes that man was born to live as one with the cosmic order, which is said to be the only pathway to mankind’s survival. He grew up in Florida, where he loved to fish and hunt. He understood how modern technology puts an overbearing risk on Mother Nature and he vowed to help preserve its natural form. In 1987 Edgar moved to San Francisco at the age of 25 where he became a columnist in the local newspapers. He later teamed up with a friend, John Reed, to start a magazine called “I-Universe.” Their first issue featured famous filmmaker George Lucas and actress Brooke Shields. Edgar also worked with advocates for wildlife preservation in the Bay Area where they preserved a beautiful lake surrounded by 4,000 acres of land. In 1992, he received degrees in Engineering and Business Management plus a (MBA). Seeking a quiet “author’s den” he moved his family to a ranch which he remodeled and created the ideal atmosphere for crafting his book. It has been 15 years in the making and Egypt’s Nile Is Alive is now ready to be read. This spiritual story is just beginning. 

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Ian Dixon – Peace. 

Note; This is the book's second edition that will be available soon on amazon etc./

Copyright Egypt’s Nile Is Alive 2010-2021, by Edgar A. Dixon, Ian Dixon and Addriarne Irizarry. All rights reserved. NOTE: No one may use another writer’s articulated style or their actual writings, because it is against the law. If any text in this book is used without the author’s written permission legal action will be initiated.

​ The ancient Egyptians believed that the solar system in motion exemplifies the world's true social order, where man learns the art of spiritual reciprocation, how   to  give back to the environment the inborn positive energy that one receives. I have created a new Green Movement in the music industry for today's youth. A   MUST  READ MODERN-DAY MASTERPIECE AND A NEW HOT MARKET!
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