CHAPTER 11                                                        MANKIND IS ONE

How Long Will People In The World Be Naive

 There is a great fallacy which has grown in the modern capitalistic world that money brings happiness; this is said to be the main theology that has separated man from the elements of his true spiritual nature. However, in the name of vanity when people become completely commercialized and are divided it has only proven to add to the state of confusion on this planet and decrease our chances of survival. The truth of reality is that the art of commercialism where people learn to oppose one another is no more than a temporary solution for mankind and is not the real answer to life.

  I believe that “mankind is one” and that life is all inclusive which can not be divided, consequently, the key to life is for man to learn to balance himself with the laws of Nature. The book Egypt’s Nile is Alive was written for one particular purpose to teach modern man how to become “one with the universe” to help save humanity. My goal as a humanitarian is to pass the torch that represents mankind’s survival onto the modern world, which is to show the modern world a more practical way out of the world’s vain materialistic darkness.

  Egypt's Nile is Alive is the type of book in which people can find themselves constantly growing and expanding their knowledge. For example, after the first pleasant reading, they may read the book a second time and pick up on something that they had totally missed before. Therefore, it can easily be outlined and used as a study guide. I have written a very complex spiritual book on the subject of Egyptology that allows people to clearly understand its moral concept. It is mainly about how modern man’s extremely commercialized world is endangering our living planet and my belief in the ancient Egyptians’ monotheistic religion as the perfect solution to this problem.

  What the Egyptians’ monotheistic religion teaches is that "mankind is one" and when people do not live by their true inborn virtue as one with humanity, then they hold allegiance to what is known as a false God. The ancient Egyptians learned how to search for the truth of life through nature. They devoutly believe that Mother Nature’s innate natural law is a divine source of science. For example, how the sun shines down and rejuvenates Mother Nature’s mystical seed. To them, this reveals that the true secret of life is based on the knowledge of growth and development, wherein the goal for all living species is to reach perfection. Therefore, when people in any given society are not taught how to reach the stage of maturity in life and become more compassionate human beings, then something is wrong with that society’s moral codes.

  Capitalism in the modern world brought forth a new age and a new dawn. In mankind’s earliest civilizations, long before the exchange of paper money was invented, a system known as the trade market was a form of capitalism, which allowed ancient civilizations to prosper and grow. There is no argument on my part that capitalism certainly has its place in society; the problem which arose was when people became commercialized to the extent that they become superficial and began to lose social courtesy toward their fellow man. This is perhaps the only book in modern time that shows a magnifying look at the world’s capitalistic commercialized media and gives answers why today a great number of religious people have begun to lose their faith. 

   I have discovered through means of sociological studies and observation exactly how people in most capitalistic countries are being controlled by the commercialized media. All around the world, especially in the big cities and primarily on the main thoroughfares, you can see huge advertisements on neon signs and skyscrapers that completely dominate the plains. In addition, the commercialized media’s influence on television, radio, computers, newspapers, and even in the shopping malls, etc., leaves the human imagination no place to hide. In the modern world, due to mankind’s commercialized intervention and especially people in this country, their social behavior has changed tremendously to the degree that they are losing real human affection for one another. A kindhearted good morning, or even hello, is beginning to vanish from the country’s vocabulary.

  Today, it is becoming apparent that people no longer believe that “mankind is one,” or eager to share humanity’s true inborn spiritual morality with their fellow man. The times have certainly changed; it seems as if humanity’s true dream for people to live a normal and simple life is slowly being pushed off the face of the earth. Human beings were actually created to live through their natural lives to help support God’s spiritual foundation, which transcends immortality, but what will become of the light of the world if no one is willing to bear the cross? The big question of the twenty-first century is simply this: will the people who live in a vain materialistic world, which I call the world’s blind discipline of spiritual captivity, find their true souls and destiny in time before it’s too late.

   It is a known fact that in most capitalistic countries, where people are influenced by the commercialized media to compete materially and are deliberately conquered and divided, this modern day art which supports the human ego and creates extreme rivalry among people has been proved to be motivated by profit. We, as spiritual children of the cosmic order, must keep an open mind about life and never allow any immoral form of government to dictate our social behavior or the way we should begin to treat one another. When we live through our vain image and become an enemy to one another, we also become an enemy to our existence, mainly because we are draining from the world its most vital natural source that it needs to sustain itself.

  The truth of reality is life is a science human beings are an interconnected part of Mother Nature's natural law, therefore we must find a balance with nature to survive. The way we live and the ungodly vibrations that we inadvertently create in our environment actually affect every living creature on earth. I believe that human beings have a moral obligation to become the true stewards of Mother Nature so that everything on earth can exists together in a delicate balance.  

  Environmentalists have done many studies concerning the overbearing risk that the modern technological world has on the natural world. “WE MUST LEARN TO RESPECT THEIR SCIENTIFIC STUDIES AND EARLY WARNINGS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.” Environmental stewardship primarily around the world have discovered that most animals can sense when the earth is in a normal state, or when the earth has reached an abnormal distressed state and is slowly perishing. 

  Their rigorous job involves keeping the world safe and healthy, such as our soil, air and water, mainly, by monitoring the pollution from the world’s industrial revolution and public transportation. For example, they protect numerous endangered species by noticing a dramatic change in their behavior patterns. Environmentalists also protect humans as well by frequently monitoring the build-up of carbon dioxide concentrations in the ozone layer, which created the greenhouse effect and brought about extreme climate change around the world.

   Living in a predominantly capitalistic and technological world where man’s quest for progress never seems to cease, what human beings must learn as their first priority in life is how to survive spiritually in a materialistic world. Many anthropologists and scholars alike have long established the possibility that this terrestrial planet is governed by one scientific natural law, which means that man was born to live in harmony with nature to give the world a sense of balance. But, when man fail to fulfill its loyalty to Mother Nature the world is essentially left without its main support system.

   In the homo sapiens’ earliest stages, they had to learn to accept their inborn spiritual existence that “mankind is one,” and share the world’s true virtue of spiritual communication with their fellow man in order to survive. This humanitarian accomplishment which taught man how to become a complete human being by learning to live in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity came to be known as “humanity’s true inborn spiritual morality.”

  The lesson that the modern capitalistic world must learn about not living in kinship with Mother Nature is that man is bound to have limitations. Human beings were created to become the true stewards of  Mother Nature as one with the spiritual world of humanity and to pass on the torch to the next generation that represents mankind survival.

  Today, it is of paramount importance to teach modern man the ancient Egyptians monotheistic belief that “mankind is one,” to help keep humanity’s true inborn spiritual morality alive. This sacred religion is mainly about teaching people the world's true social courtesy: how to live in balance with Mother Nature by learning to respect one another and to give back to the environment its true natural and positive energy that it needs to survive.  

  It is written in the Holy Scripture that any civilization that is without human sacrifice for man to keep a spiritual communication line open with his fellow man is destined to the fate of self-destruction. Human beings cannot run away from Mother Nature’s innate natural law of spiritual communication any more than they can run away from themselves. Nevertheless, as strange as it may seem, the majority of the people in most capitalistic countries have sold their souls to the land of darkness and adopted the attitude of modern man’s unsound, vain massive ego while living their lives in denial.

  When people become egotistical and out of touch with the world’s inner cry, they have the tendency to play a vain and selfish game in life, just to discover that the repercussion of a person living without true human compassion is a load too heavy to bear. Any time human beings begin to compare themselves to others and travel from without instead of from within, they become vain, lonely, and bitter, which has a negative biological effect on their bodies and this apparently leads to self-destruction.

  In ancient times, it was said that man was born into the world with a mystical soul to respect and protect Mother Nature’s innate natural law of spiritual communication, by learning to look beyond the material world and see the magnificent beauty of the natural world. To continue the world’s true tradition of being spiritually connected to the universe and true to oneself. I believe that modern man must be taught how to live in harmony with Mother Nature’s inborn natural law, by believing that “mankind is one and belongs to one positive force.”

  Today, human beings are still living in a primitive stage when they do not recognize their true essential self, or understand that man’s true spiritual purpose in life is to become one with the cosmic order. In this world, the truth of reality is that we are our brother’s keeper, simply because the creator of the universe has left mortal man with no other choice to find true peace of mind on earth but for him to adhere to the world’s central religion of spiritual communication.

  The sensation of Mother Nature’s rising morning sun is also governed by one scientific natural law, which plays a major role in the overall scheme of things, such as replenishing the ecosystem. This religious ritual of how the world turns and brings forth a new day resembles a symphonic orchestra that transforms into a vibrant self-healing sanctuary, which God has purposely designed to relax human beings, give them faith, and make life whole.

  The time has come for modern man to learn how to appreciate Mother Nature’s inborn natural qualities that are truly unique in form, which exist within the elements of the universe, nature, and all living creatures on earth. When people in a materialistic world are not taught the “inner-beauty meaning self-obedience” of how to live through their natural life and show true inborn social courtesy toward their fellowman, it allows the world’s vanity to completely dominate life and produce an unhealthy environment for its members.

  Today, we can no longer afford to leave the fate of humanity to be evaluated in the political arena, by those who fight for greed and power and are insensitive toward the world’s general welfare. If Americans would like a relief from the government’s turbulent world of rivalry, then they must begin to reprogram themselves to live according to God’s internal spiritual rules and not man’s external material rules.

  The only way for man to survive in a vain materialistic world is to be taught “inner-beauty,” where he must ascertain that the world’s true compass is for man to learn to follow his inborn natural path. There are many talented writers worldwide that can clearly explain the desperate need to save our living planet from the grim reality of global warming, but there are few pioneers like myself who have actually started a spiritual crusade to fight for the living in humanity.

  I believe in the existence of a God due to the reality that human beings are born as mystical creatures with the intelligence to reason and to live socially in peace, which proves that God has instilled in humanity “a divine natural presence” that the human race must learn to respect. In other words, we have a natural life within us to be fulfilled. Man was born with a mystical soul to live in brotherhood with the creator by learning to live spiritually free with a heart and conscious and speak one universal language.

  One love lives within us all. We belong to a universal order that is governed by one scientific natural law, which is the art of spiritual reciprocation: man giving back to the universe the unconditional love, which he has received. We were born with a spiritual life to be connected to a universal order, wherein we could help support God’s spiritual foundation.

  God’s creation of the spiritual world of humanity was not a mistake, but rather a perfectly designed master plan to allow man to become spiritually whole wherein he could communicate with his brethren on friendly terms and live in kinship with nature as one positive force. Man was born with a Holy Spirit, a heart and mind, and that gives him the ability to reason and the freedom of choice to be either a part of a spiritual existence or to be a part of a man-made illusionary existence. The future of this planet depends on the choices we make.

  In the very beginning of time, the world was created in perfect natural form, to enable all God’s creatures to live in harmony with Mother Nature; but through modern man’s institutional, technological changes, we have been gradually transformed to live in a vain, materialistic, unnatural world. The moral danger is that people have adopted a materialistic lifestyle that does not maintain Mother Nature’s equilibrium.

  In ancient times, the Egyptians were one of the first civilizations on earth to teach man “inner beauty,” how to become a complete human being and reach the state of maturity in life by learning to live spiritually free with a heart and conscious. What the Egyptians understood about life was that man must first be free from within himself by believing in his true virtues before he can be free in the kingdom of God. They were the main religious groups of people who had a major impact on bringing man to his divine level of universal awareness that he was born with a mystical soul to be free. 

  It is an indisputable fact that we are part of a positive emotional reaction that is going on in nature and that man cannot change the natural order of the world which God has made. Consequently, the key to mankind’s survival is for man to learn to accept his inborn spiritual existence and become a spiritual partner with Mother Nature. 

  What modern man can learn from the ancient Egyptians is how to think positive in life by sharing his natural qualities with his fellow man for the sake of human survival. Or we can turn our back on the true roots of universal oneness and continue to live in the world mainly as vain puppets of reservations controlled by modern day empires.

 Giving credence to the reality of the world’s commercialized intervention, I feel that it is fair to note that human beings are being purposely misguided in order to serve a particular system. We, as spiritual children of the cosmic order, must learn to have an open mind about modern man’s political shenanigans to discover that his materialistic commercial facade may not be the perfect lifestyle that we unfortunately have been brainwashed to believe.

  The time has come for human beings to take responsibility for the world’s extreme commercial, technological changes and take a look at the condition of our living planet, which has now moved to the red zone of global warming. Today, it is imperative that we pay special attention to Mother Nature’s health to help heal her wounds because we are biologically bound to this world.  

​  The major problems we face, such as the depletion of the ozone layer, which has brought about the effect of “global warming;” the worldwide industrial pollution of our air and water; the ongoing extinction of the animal kingdom; the escalating violence in our modern society; and the international threat of nuclear warfare, make our chances of survival very slim if we do not react in time.

  There is substantial evidence of what happens when man deviates from his natural path. Due to the modern world’s extreme commercialized intervention, which has separated man from the natural world, we are destroying humanity to our peril. The world is now at a critical stage where it must be saved from the grim reality of global warming. The only way for us to survive on earth in its present state is to learn the world’s true social order, which is based on living in total union with God, by giving back to the spiritual world of humanity our inborn natural love.

  It was firmly established in many ancient religious cultures that the more people develop as spiritual beings the more they would see the true beauty of life. One of the main focal points that most religions in the world teach is that man must first seek the kingdom of God by learning to live by the spiritual light from within, then all things shall be added. In other words, they believe that the bridge to a healthy and fruitful life is for human beings to be connected to the source from which they came and man surely came from the elements of Mother Nature. 


  It is said that mankind’s first religion was monotheism, which actually started in prehistoric times and not in ancient times. This is a belief that man belongs to the source of one supreme God who created the world and who oversees and intervenes in human events by means of spiritual manifestation. Many Egyptologists, historians, anthropologists and scholars alike believe that the nature of monotheism being viewed as a religious science mainly pertains to God’s Holy Spirit that lives within humanity and what man has inherent.

  The physical proof of this is said to begin during the earliest stage of the Hominidae, half-ape and half-man period some two million years ago, when they presumably discover that there is a natural presence of human compassion in the world that man must learn to obey. This is considered to be the first scientific theory of monotheism, which came from the continent of Africa and was passed on to the ancient Egyptians, but unfortunately African prehistoric religion was left out of the history books. The Egyptians, as the Africans before them, worshiped Mother Nature’s morning sun, which was later known as the “Sun-God.” They also adopted other gods as well from many different cultures.

  History begins to recall the monotheistic religion as a belief during the reign of Pharaoh, Akhenaten IV of the 18th Dynasty (1539-1292 B.C.), who revolutionized the Sun-God religion by calling it the Sun-Disk of Aten, which was regarded as the source of all blessings, and who instructed his subjects to worship only one God. Akhenaten IV and his queen, Nefertiti, believed in a solar monotheism, which was based on man being spiritually reborn daily as one with Mother Nature’s plant life. The purpose for teaching man how to live a tangible life with the Sun-God in the Egyptian civilization was to prevent him from losing his soul to the land of darkness by worshiping man made false idols and getting lost in the world’s materialistic maze.

  Akhenaten IV’s religious transformation of the Sun-God religion was very controversial during his life and was rejected after his death, but over a period of time some of his monotheistic religious customs were eventually adopted and came to represent one unified deity. Since the world’s earliest civilizations, religion has always been the cornerstone of discussing theories regarding the true spiritual path that man must take for his survival.

  The ancient Egyptians were one of the first religious cultures on earth to teach man "inner beauty" : how to become the true steward of humanity by learning to follow his natural path and live for inborn social peace and universal freedom with his fellow man. They strongly believed that the reason why God has allowed other civilizations to live in vain and to fight for worldly power was mainly for the purpose of teaching man to be accountable for his own illusionary mistakes.

  In the kingdom of the Egyptians, these people were also cursed and misled by men fighting for worldly power, trying to disrupt the natural order of things, but human vanity is a part of man’s weakness that exists in all circles of life. In Egypt, the major rivalry between religious sects was the controversial theme of polytheism versus monotheism. Man’s belief in polytheism was to worship many gods, while man’s belief in monotheism was to worship one true God. What the Egyptian monotheistic religion teaches man is how to distinguish the difference between the natural world that God has created from the vague and abstract material world that man has created. This theology mainly deals with understanding man’s spiritual connection and the cosmos as a whole.

  The dramatic outcome of these religious rivalries proved that man learning to live in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity was the logic of plain common sense. It was that monotheism would reign supreme over polytheism, where man had to learn to worship one universal God above all others. Teaching ancient man this sacred spiritual knowledge was truly a necessity to bring social order into the ancient world for the sake of human survival, which I find essential today in the modern world.

  In ancient times, the Egyptians built a highly-advanced civilization to teach “the world's true art of mystical rebirth.” which represents mankind's true sacrifice. In the Egyptian's social society, they believed that man’s first moral duty to God is to be spiritually reborn and to prepare for the afterlife by learning to show true inborn social courtesy toward his fellow man and be rewarded with the world’s most precious gift known to man: immortality.

  I have written a book called Egypt’s Nile is Alive, a historical, symbolic book fused with a new musical philosophy called “Father Light Rock.” It depicts “humanity’s true inborn art of love,” where man is initiated into adulthood and becomes a true spiritual shepherd of the sky living as one positive force with the Sun-God. The book tells the true story about the ancient Egyptians’ monotheistic belief that “mankind is one,” in which man lived in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity to support Mother Nature’s equilibrium. 

  This book offers the world’s oldest religion, monotheism, where man lives in harmony with Mother Nature’s innate natural law, as the most practical nonviolent solution for survival in modern times. It was specially designed to teach modern-day man how to become “one with the universe, which reveals our true spiritual and sociological purpose in life. 

  The ultimate achievement of a spiritual writer is to be able to take the world to another dimensional plane that will broaden our horizons toward a higher spiritual understanding of human existence. It is mind-boggling to know that scholars from renowned universities and prestigious institutions the world over possess considerable knowledge concerning the key to mankind’s survival but have failed to find this missing piece.  

  The book Egypt's Nile Is Alive was written to teach modern man “humanity’s true inborn art of love:” how 
to help save the world from the grim reality of global warming by becoming "one with the universe" and 
to take control of his own destiny. It is a recreation of how the ancient Egyptians lived, as true spiritual 
shepherds of the sky to become one with the “Sun-God,” to become what I call “A New Modern Day 
Mystic Man.”

    A modern-day mystic man or woman is simply a person who lives in brotherhood with the creator by 
    learning to live spiritually free with a heart and conscious and become a productive member of society. 

    A modern-day mystic man or woman must learn to live beyond their vain exterior image and be free, 
    like Mother Nature’s mystical seed of life, from the world’s vain materialistic shell of a man made illusion.

    A modern-day mystic man or woman must also learn to reach the stage of maturity in life and become 
    one with the cosmic order.

   Yes, "mankind is one" the key to universal freedom on earth has arrived.

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