This book tells the true story about the ancient Egyptians’ monotheistic religious history and their innate loyalty to Mother Nature. 

     In ancient times, the Egyptians believed in the cosmic natural law with the view that there are positive forces which govern the regularity of the universe and determine the nature of existence. For this reason, people were taught how to live by their inborn Holy Spirit and become "one with the universe." In the Egyptians` kingdom, they devoutly believed that man was born with a mystical soul to live in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity to help support Mother Nature’s equilibrium. My goal as a writer is to establish the true nature of the ancient Egyptians’ culture.

   The ancient Egyptians built a highly-advanced civilization to teach “the world's true art of mystical rebirth,” which represents mankind's true sacrifice, where man prepare himself for the afterlife. They were a multiracial group of people who worshiped Maat, the goddess of truth, justice and balance, and believed that through the offerings to the Gods, man could maintain the order of the cosmos. According to many historians, the Egyptians lived in harmony with nature; they believed that consciousness is power and created a civilization that lasted for thousands of years, longer than any other civilization in world history. 

   In ancient Egyptian social society, the key to their political success was that their monotheistic religion, based on the belief that "mankind is one," did not deter a multiracial group of people from living by the natural law of the universe.

   You will find that there are many different stories pertaining to the role that the Egyptians' pharaohs played throughout the history of their dynasties; some were said to be very liberal and others extremely conservative men having little human compassion for their fellow man. In Egypt, some of the Pharaohs who came into power were guilty of creating racial division among its people, but reunification between the two kingdoms upper and lower Egypt was always reinforced in their country.

   The main purpose of this book is to follow the power of the art of universal oneness regarding the ancient Egyptian monotheistic sacred religion where man lives in union with God, which is to shed light on the overall truth of how they actually lived. The ancient Egyptians devoutly believed in the world’s true social order, that is, man living in brotherhood with the creator by learning to live spiritually free with a heart and conscience. This was their idea and the custom they developed to solve the world’s superficial external problems. What they had learned was that the key to life is the art of spiritual communication, people living from within and sharing the magic of natural laughter. The Egyptians were taught that people are spiritual beings with true emotional needs; therefore, in order for the spirit of humanity to be replenished, people must learn to reflect upon each other their true inborn healing powers of love.  

   The Egyptian monotheistic roots were primarily based on man learning to live as one with the creator of the natural world by worshiping the “Sun-God,” and who had the pride and dignity to fight for their soul’s rights on earth against all intimidation from their political adversaries. In fact, they were one of the first religious civilizations that taught man the art of “inner beauty,” and had led a spiritual crusade advocating for peace on earth and mankind’s survival.

   Religion was an integral part of the Egyptians' daily life learning to live by the light from within, which gave people a cultural advantage in every facet of life. The goal of humanity was for all people to reach true human perfection to help keep a sense of order over chaos in their homeland.

    In ancient Egyptian social society, they believed in the inborn truth of reality that we are our brother’s keepers simply because mankind’s innate virtue is what we all have in common; consequently, the more natural and humble that people are proves how smart they are. You will find throughout the world that by judging people from a subjective point of view some of us have the intelligence to see the innate spiritual intelligence in other people, and some of us are just not that intelligent who can not see the real quality of life that is deeply rooted within humanity. What modern man should learn from the ancient Egyptians' monotheistic belief that "mankind is one" is how to live from within, through what I call the third person. 

For example;
1. The first person is what you might think about yourself.
2. The second person is your man made worldly ego.
3. The third person is the inborn peacemaker meaning the
    Holy Spirit, which is always calm and relaxed and in touch with
    its true element.

   The main advantage of a person learning to live through the third person is that they do not have to worry about their external image or their worldly ego, but learn how to appreciate and enjoy life without reservation.


                                                                                                          Man contemplating the solar system
                                                                                        and the main planets in our solar system.
                                                                                        Photo by Dreamstime and BrandenburgStudies

     Isaac Newton, the world-renowned physicist, theorized that the gravitational force of the sun is what keeps all of the planets in the solar system in orbit, but the mass within each planet is what gives the solar system its gravitational attraction.

    In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that the solar system in motion exemplifies the world's true social order that man was born also to give back to the spiritual world of humanity the inborn positive energy that one receives. The ancient Egyptians were regarded as scientifically innovative people who studied the positive energy within the heavenly stars and many natural forms of nature in relation to how these environments lived in harmony. 

   They learned how to avoid a life of vanity and live freely with one another on earth, by imitating the gravitational cycle and movement of the planets in outer space and concluded that life is governed by one scientific natural law: the art of spiritual reciprocation. To them, the universe in its scientific miraculous form for—example, how the earth revolves around the sun and brings forth day and night—was too perfect to not believe in the existence of a god. 

   The ancient Egyptians’ fate was left in the hands of their astronomers who studied the stars and the gravitational circular orbits of the planets within the solar system that lie in the same plane. The Egyptians’ civilization and lifestyle were established according to the precise alignment of the stars.  It was said that the purpose for this ancient religious tradition that permeated all aspects of society was for man to receive from the heavens its protection, blessings and guidance.  After all, the solar system in constant motion within our Milky Way galaxy represents, in some form, the real brain behind evolution where life emerged. 

  They taught their countrymen how to imitate the solar system’s gravitational force of spiritual reciprocation, by each planet giving back to the environment the innate positive energy that it desperately needs to sustain itself. The ancient Egyptians’ religious roots of worshiping the Sun-God were based on man learning how to live as one with the scientific natural law of the universe.

   In the Egyptians’ pursuit of creating a perfect world, their understanding of life was that man has also inherited God’s inborn positive energy; ironically, he belongs to the attributes of universal oneness. In other words, what the Egyptians had discovered about the innate positive energy within the planet of the solar system was that it represents the world’s true social order. Therefore, the solar system's innate method of giving back to its environment what it has received was also recognized as the correct way for man to live on earth with his fellow man and to prepare himself for his spiritual journey into eternity.

   In ancient times, the Egyptians built a highly-advanced civilization to teach “the world's true art of mystical rebirth,” which represents mankind's true sacrifice. They devoutly believed that "mankind is one" and were taught how to prepare themselves for the afterlife by becoming "one with the universe."

   The Egyptians lived in kinship with Mother Nature for thousands of years.  Their mission in life was to live in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity by learning to live through their spiritual center and become the peacemakers on earth to help save the world from beings destroyed by human vanity.

   The ancient Egyptians believed in naturalism, that life is a science, a spiritual relationship between man and nature and that human beings have a moral obligation to become “one with the universe” to help save humanity. Today, the modern world is faced with the same moral challenge. I believe that global warming is real and the earth is dying because human beings no longer live in kinship with Mother Nature.

   The time has certainly come to teach modern man 'Humanity's true inborn art of love.” It depicts man living in kinship with Mother Nature and initiated into adulthood by becoming a true spiritual shepherd of the sky as one positive force with the Sun-God.

    In the ancient Egyptians kingdom, this was one of mankind's first religious rituals that taught man how to live in harmony with the spiritual world of humanity, by learning to live with a heart and conscience and to be a productive member of society. The ancient Egyptians were the first to revolutionize the art of universal oneness by teaching people from all walks of life how to live through their spiritual center and become “one with the universe.”

   Today, the ancient Egyptians' spiritual environmental movement is being revived. It is a new commercial trend in the music industry that was designed for today's youth to support the green movement. I believe that millions of music fans around the world would be eager to join today’s true spiritual shepherds of the sky and become “one with the universe” in the crusade for mankind's survival.

   The ancient ritual of becoming "one with the universe" is for man to learn how to let his inborn Holy Spirit lead the way and break through the social barriers of modern-day arrogance in a vain materialistic world. This theology is based on the assertion that when people discover their “inner beauty” and become oblivious to worldly ego, they can learn to reduce societal, commercialized stress by as much as 75 percent in their lives. It also reveals a powerful ancient secret of how man was born with a mystical soul to be free from a man made illusion to help support Mother Nature's equilibrium.

   Throughout the ancient world the Egyptians were known as the most elegant and intellectual people on earth who believed that "mankind is one" and shared the world's spiritual healing powers of universal oneness with their fellow man. They had learn to live through their spiritual center and became spiritual partners with Mother Nature for the sake of human survival. In their way of being completely connected to the universe by sharing their true virtues of spiritual communication with one another, they believed that man’s true purpose for existing was emphatically to help keep humanity’s true inborn spiritual morality alive.

    The ancient Egyptians were a multiracial group of people who believed that there is some kind of moral justice in the universe, due to the fact that God has created a spiritual world with natural attributes to allow man to redeem his soul. Their goal in humanity was to reach the gates of the netherworld where it was said that man could live forever. They had learned how to master their environment and conquer the world’s race relationships regarding individual physical features and culture differences, by allowing their hearts to be unified as one with the cosmic order.

                                                                                                                   Multiracial Egyptians
                                                                                                Photo by Dreamstime and Freestockphoto

     It was said that the Egyptians were extremely devoted to their God and renewed their faith by paying daily homage to the “Sun-God.” They believed that all men are created equal and learned to live for inborn social peace and universal freedom with their fellowman to help make the world a better place for the next generation. To them it was a moral crime against humanity not to believe in their innate natural qualities and become one with the spiritual world of humanity. 

   What we can learn from the ancient Egyptians is to be responsible for our actions by accepting our inborn spiritual existence and becoming spiritual partners with Mother Nature for the sake of human salvation. Therefore, we can start today on a new campaign to educate people of all races that “mankind is one” in order to help keep humanity’s true inborn spiritual morality alive. 

   We, as spiritual children of the universe, must admit that we live in an existence that will only function properly under spiritual reciprocation, like the gravitational cycle and movement of the cosmic planets that are totally dependent upon each other. Consequently, if we are to survive as spiritual members of the universe, then we must also learn to live through our spiritual center and give back to the spiritual world of humanity God’s true inborn natural love of brotherhood that will allow all God’s creatures on earth the right to coexist.

​                                                                                                                    The solar system in motion
                                                                                                 Photo by BrandenburgStudies

    Human beings should learn to respect the eternal will of the creator where one reaches the state of maturity in life, by learning to live spiritually free with a heart and conscience so that the spiritual truth within man shall live. If a person is not spiritually centered and does not speak one universal language, the truth is they might be lost. Most religions around the world, from Kushism and Christianity, to Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Jainism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Bahai and Buddhism, consider a spiritual person as a highly productive man or woman of society, one who lives by God’s innate natural law and expresses good will toward all of the earth’s creatures and its environments. 

   It is said that God created the world for Himself, who lives through all forms of spiritual manifestations, even human form, and dearly loves the spiritual world of humanity and all of the earth’s creatures, including wildlife whose magnificent beauty is simply to be adored. I feel it is fair to note that even today in a materialistic imperfect world, killing of wildlife creatures should only be allowed by man with good intentions. 

  Modern man has proved through the world’s capitalistic and technological extremes that he has deviated from his natural path and has separated himself from “Mother Nature’s Oneness,” by worshiping man made false idols. The worst part of this immoral situation is that we do not recognize when Mother Nature has simply had enough. Think of what life would be like if man’s natural qualities actually became extinct; either we begin to try to destroy the world’s illusionary external ignorance or such ignorance would certainly destroy us. 

  The time has come for people from all walks of life and social levels in the world to know that the true source of survival is to learn to live by the spiritual light from within and become one with the cosmic order. When man learns to live through his spiritual center and unite with the heavenly stars, then shall the light of God’s eternal blessing truly begin to heal the world’s materialistic darkness. In the ancient Egyptian monotheistic religious social society, they did indeed have materialistic values, but it was regarded as their secondary priority; becoming “one with the universe” was by all means their first priority. 

  The most important lesson that the modern world can learn from the ancient Egyptians is simply to believe in the power of God’s innate natural law that "mankind is one" and to take the world out of man’s hands and put it back into the hands of the Creator. The time has certainly come to learn mankind’s true sacrifice and become “one with the universe,” where we must begin to respect ourselves, believe in ourselves, stop doubting ourselves, and get on with celebrating our innate natural lives with one another. When we begin to use our full brain capacity by surrendering to the light within humanity and to use the gift of spiritual communication with others, then we will have the courage to fight for our soul’s rights to live for peace on earth.


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